Dog Tail Docking

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Look at me! I'm 100% natural Boxer. Don't you think my tail and ears are just flat-out adorable?! I really do need them to be the best pup I can be. 

Whatever you believe in - God, evolution, Mother Nature, or something else---they all agree that I was born beautiful. Who are we to disagree?

Dog tails are more than just accessories.


Each year, more than 750,000 dogs (50+ breeds) have their tails docked just to change how they look. Breeders usually amputate the puppies' tails to conform with "breed standards" before sending them to their forever homes.

Dogs need their tails for balance, elimination, and so many other things...including communication. Tails help them signal 'friend or foe' to other pups. Studies show that dogs with docked tails are more likely to end up in fights.


Only 1 in 500 dogs ever injures its tail severely enough to require removal.

Cutting off 499 tails to "prevent" one injury? That just doesn't make sense.


Dog Fighting


This is what I'm supposed to be doing...running and playing! Flying through the air with my ears floating in the breeze.

I was born to please, not to fight. I am so lucky to have people who know that dog fighting is a disgusting act done by bloodthirsty criminals.


Dog fighting animals may have their ears cropped and tails docked close to their bodies to minimize the animal’s normal body language cues and to limit areas that another dog can grab during a fight. Fighters usually perform this cropping/docking themselves using crude and inhumane techniques.


Dog fighters are often involved with other violence and organized crime. Most law enforcement officers consider dog fighting a severe crime, particularly due to the likelihood of dog fighters committing other violent crimes, citing the link between violence against humans and violence against animals as a major factor contributing to the severity of the crime. They also cited dog fighters’ involvement in organized crimes such as drugs and illegal firearms

Ear Cropping

More than 200,000 dogs have their ears cropped by breeders or veterinarians each year. Far more, are cropped by back yard enthusiasts and dog fighters.


Removing some or all of a healthy dog's ear provides NO BENEFIT to the dog and may cause chronic pain and sensitivity. Dog's ears are made of cartilage...just like humans...and can protect their ear canals from insects and debris. Adding to that, as long as ear cropping and tail docking are legal, dog fighters can hide in plain sight.



Vocal cords let me express important things like...

"What kind of dog are you?",
​"Intruder alert!", or "My tummy hurts."

So, if I sometimes resemble your gabby cousin Ned, there are trainers and books that can help you teach appropriate me anyway.

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Vocal cords are an integral part of us all.

Devocalization, also sweetly called debarking, damages an animal's vocal cords reducing or eliminating its ability to speak. This procedure is seen as mutilation in the United Kingdom and is illegal there, across Europe, and in many countries around the world.


The United States continues this barbaric practice, which can lead to a multitude of unwanted behaviors. When a dog can't communicate one way, they will find another.

Other Icky Stuff

Invasive pet procedures done just for looks or human convenience are just plain gross.

Cosmetic tattooing, piercing, cutting tendons, prosthetic testicles (yeah, that's a thing), and more are all LEGALLY forced on American animals who can't say no.

It's time we say no for them!