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Who are we

We are an organization committed to ending normalized cruelty to companion animals.

Our founder, Olivia, playing with her dog, Milton.

Our Story

Born from enlightenment...

Walking her dog, Milton, in the park every day, our founder was like everyone else and didn’t see the docked tails and cropped ears all around her. Then, when various Boxers at different times attacked her pup, she asked:



It turns out that dogs with docked tails are unable to signal their intentions. Milton never saw them coming. The more she learned, the more she realized that America's cruel and needless normalized pet cruelty traditions had to change.

Our approach

Our approach is to make positive change. We strive to support veterinary facilities and make them proud to be Pet Positive. NPAWS mindfully avoids shaming or other negative approaches. The animals have no control over what has been done to them. Their people are not intentionally cruel. It is outdated norms that perpetuate non-therapeutic invasive procedures. The ultimate goal is to improve the collective health of America's companion animals.

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