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woman kissing a  puppy

Who We Are

We are an organization of committed volunteers dedicated to improving the

future for America's pets.

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Our Vision

Today, millions of America’s dogs and cats have been, and continue to be, subjected to non-therapeutic invasive procedures. Too often, procedures such as ear cropping, tail docking, declawing, and more go unnoticed---and are simply a part of "what is." National Pet Advocacy and Welfare Society (NPAWS™) is changing the future for America’s pets by creating a Pet Positive country free from non-therapeutic invasive pet procedures. This does not include spay/neuter-related procedures, as they moderate population and euthanasia rates.

The NPAWS Pet Positive™ Movement is a compassionate revolution sweeping the country to shine a light on these outdated norms and inspire the positive behavior needed to end them. One important way that the NPAWS Pet Positive Movement is making a difference is through the NPAWS Pet Positive Veterinary Facility Certification. The Certification recognizes, applauds, and certifies American veterinary facilities that do not perform non-therapeutic invasive procedures on cats and dogs. It spotlights their forward-thinking humane position to bring Pet Positive vets together with like-minded pet parents.

Founder with her dog

Our founder, Olivia, playing with her dog, Milton.

Our Story

Born from enlightenment...

Walking her dog, Milton, in the park every day, our founder was like everyone else and didn’t see the docked tails and cropped ears all around her. Then, when various Boxers at different times attacked her mild-mannered pup, she asked:


It turns out that dogs with docked tails are unable to signal their intentions. Milton never saw them coming. The more she learned, the more she realized that America's needless normalized non-therapeutic pet traditions had to change.

Our approach


Our approach is to make positive change. We strive to support veterinary facilities and make them proud to be Pet Positive. NPAWS knows that owners love their pets. We do too. It is outdated norms that perpetuate non-therapeutic invasive procedures. Our ultimate goal is to change the future for America's cats and dogs.


Thank you to the legion of volunteers who walked on fire to design and execute our incredible website and logo. They are each 1000 pounds lighter from donating so much blood, sweat, tears, and Herculean patience to the efforts. Contributors are listed in alphabetical order by first name.



Aria Chang - Graphic Design, Website Collaboration

Heather Cobler - Marketing Oversight

Kevin Lam – IT Program Manager

Manny Guzman - UX Design, Website Project Manager

Ruiyu Qu – Full Stack Developer

Sandy Liu – Full Stack Developer



Bernie Zysberg - Graphic Design, Logo Collaboration;  Shelley Promotions, Inc.

Deborah Rogers - Art, Direction, Logo Design, Colorist; Independent Design Consultant

Fiverr - Brand Extension, Morning Designs

Larry Brill - Art Direction, Logo Design, Colorist; Independent Art Consultant

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