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Pet Positive

NPAWS' Pet Positive Movement is working to end normalized pet cruelty by saving pets' ears, tails, toes, and more from non-therapeutic invasive procedures in the United States. As we do this, we create a more humane nation. A nation that will be better respected, alongside Europe and the many countries around the world that already ban such antiquated practices. 

Our Goal

The Pet Positive Movement is a compassionate revolution to save the ears, tails, toes and more of America’s companion animals from non-therapeutic invasive procedures. 

Too often, ear cropping, tail docking, declawing, and more go unnoticed. They are simply part of "what is." NPAWS, and hopefully you, will end that. Together, we will shine a light on these outdated procedures and inspire the positive behavior needed to end them.

The first phase of the Pet Positive Movement involves recognizing, applauding, and certifying American veterinary facilities that do not perform non-therapeutic invasive procedures on companion animals. To applaud their certification, we will spotlight their stance on our website, and though communications with the general pet-loving public, to enable like-minded clients to easily find them. 

Facilities that join the movement can advance their practices, while help promote the wellbeing of America's pets for generations to come. Income from both certifications and donations go toward fuelling the mission.

What can you do?



Sign up to be alerted when the opportunity to become Pet Positive Certified is available.

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Share information about the Pet Positive Movement with your colleagues and clients.


Contact us for resources and ways we can to help.

Pet Owners


Request a natural tail when buying a traditionally docked dog breed.

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Share with your friends and veterinarian about the Pet Positive Movement.


Seek and choose Pet Positive-certified veterinary facilities.

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Pet Positive Certifications
Coming Soon

NPAWS is offering this certification to support and spotlight Pet Positive veterinary facilities. Our goal is to expand public awareness of these practices and help Pet Positive-oriented clients more easily find like-minded vets.


Pet Positive Veterinary Facility Certification

What does Pet Positive mean?

Pet Positive means that you don’t perform non-therapeutic invasive procedures, like ear cropping, tail docking, declawing, and more.

What is the Pet Positive certification?

Millions of pets are subjected to optional invasive procedures each year. Too often procedures such as ear cropping, tail docking, declawing, and more go unnoticed - and have simply become a part of "what is." The NPAWS Pet Positive Movement, beginning with the Pet Positive Veterinary Facility Certification program strives to end such practices. The program shines light on these antiquated non-therapeutic procedures and inspires the positive behavior needed to treat America’s pets with the care and respect they deserve.

How will the certification benefit us?

​Simply put, with your participation and that of your fellow practitioners, the Pet Positive Movement will build your business and fuel long-needed change for companion animals across the country.

Why should a facility become a NPAWS Pet Positive certified facility?

  1. You will build the movement that will change the country! Each certification builds momentum for the next. The more clinics that sign up, the more others will follow suit.

  2. Certified facilities have a platform to proudly showcase and exemplify their commitment to the full health and wellbeing of America’s pets.

  3. Pet Positive certified facilities are featured in the client-accessible Pet Positive Facilities directory on the NPAWS website.

  4. Prospective clients will can easily find compassionate Pet Positive Certified veterinary facilities like yours.

  5. NPAWS provides nationwide Pet Positive awareness efforts.

  6. NPAWS provides useful and creative support to advance your practice, like an eye-catching badge, Pet Positive coloring book to occupy your younger clients, a link-back from the Pet Positive Certified Facilities page to improve your website's presence and SEO, and much more. As we build momentum, NPAWS is exploring the addition of Pet Positive CPEs and other valuable opportunities. Your help will help you.

  7. Each certification will raise the United States closer to the humane standards of Europe and the many countries around the world that already ban these practices.

  8. Certification funds propel Pet Positive publicity and other education efforts to expand the reach and adoption of the Pet Positive Movement and expand the value of your certification.

  9. Support energizes volunteers and other supporters to further fuel the cause.

  10. Your facility will be respected as a humane practices and thought innovator.

  11. Pet Positive certified veterinary clinics improve the health, both physical and mental, of America’s companion animals.

  12. You will know that you are doing the right thing for the companion animals you work so hard to heal and protect.

This change has been a long time coming. You can make it happen.

How hard is it to become certified?

Facilities self-certify with a brief online form. The purpose of the Pet Positive Program is to build awareness of and promote Pet Positive behavior, as well as help Pet Positive clients find like minded vets. Your clinic’s participation will help support those goals.

When will the Pet Positive Program launch?

March 31, 2023.

What's next after the Veterinary Facility Certification program?

Oh, so many things! Because the procedures are not performed only by veterinarians, NPAWS is looking to also reach out to breeders, veterinary schools, and others. The Pet Positive Veterinary Facility Certification is just the beginning!

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Act Now!

Protect the future of our pets from cruel procedures 

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