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​PET PEOPLE: Please sign the petition and share information about the Pet Positive Movement with your veterinarian.

If you choose to get a traditionally docked dog breed, request a natural tail.

Pet Positive Movement

The Pet Positive Movement is a positive proactive revolution to save America's pets' tails, toes, ears and more from non-therapeutic invasive procedures. 

Too often, tail docking, declawing, ear cropping and more go unnoticed. They are simply part of "what is". NPAWS and, hopefully, you will end that. We will shine light on the procedures and encourage positive behavior to end them.


The first phase of the movement involves recognizing, applauding and certifying America's veterinarians who do not perform non-therapeutic invasive pet procedures. We will share their choice with the public on our website and in other ways to enable like-minded clients to easily find them.

If you are a veterinarian, please let us know if you would like for us to alert you when certification sign-up is available.


If you are a client, please share information about the Pet Positive program with your veterinarian.

Pet Positive Vet Certification FAQ

What does Pet Positive mean?

Pet Positive means that you don’t perform non-therapeutic invasive procedures, like tail docking, ear cropping, declawing, etc.

What is the certification? Why are you offering it? How will it benefit us?

NPAWS is offering this certification to support and spotlight Pet Positive veterinary clinics. Our goal is to expand public awareness of these practices and help Pet Positive-oriented clients more easily find like-minded vets.

How hard is it?

Clinics self-certify with a brief online form. The purpose of the Pet Positive Program is to build awareness of and promote Pet Positive behavior and your clinic’s participation will help support that goal.

When will the Pet Positive Program launch?

The target date is Fall 2022.