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Welcome to 
The Pet Positive 

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You're in the right place to change the future for America's pets.

Pets deserve to be treated with love and respect. With your participation, the Pet Positive Movement will end  normalized pet cruelties such as tail docking, ear cropping, declawing, and more. As a collective voice, we will create a world where cats and dogs are treated as members of the family, not as objects to be modified to fit human preferences.

Joining the Pet Positive Movement means embracing the larger picture of being a responsible and loving pet person. It means choosing a veterinarian who shares these values and is certified as Pet Positive. It means saying no to normalized pet cruelties and advocating for a better future for America's pets.

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One Pet Person
Can Make a Difference

The Pet Positive movement is growing, but needs your help to create real change. By joining the Pet Positive Movement, you will be part of a community of pet lovers who believe in treating animals with compassion and respect.


Here are some ways you can get involved:

  1. Choose a Pet Positive veterinarian: When selecting a veterinarian for your pet, make sure they are certified as Pet Positive. This ensures they are committed to providing the best possible care for your pet and will not perform unnecessary and invasive procedures.

  2. Spread the word: Share our message on social media, talk to your friends and family, and educate others about the importance of treating future pets with love and respect.

  3. Donate: Your support can help us continue our efforts to create a world where coming generations of pets are treated with kindness and respect. 

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