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Fundraising Specialist


About the Role

Our Pet Positive Movement draws veterinarians, businesses, and other Pet Positive people and organizations together to end this normalized pet cruelty in the United States.

NPAWS is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. We are 100% volunteer-run and based in Austin, TX.

NPAWS is seeking an experienced volunteer as a Fundraising Specialist. You will create, teach, lead and manage bringing in the donations.

Responsibilities include taking care of the budget and creating effective strategies for maximizing donations. We plan to start out Certification Program as a pilot in the coming spring for the state of Texas. So we need your help there to ensure we have sufficient funds for the program continuation in all of United States. We need help creating a fundraising plan that will help us grow our donor base, increase individual donations/get more monthly donors, and secure corporate sponsors. The person will be responsible for leading fundraising efforts to increase brand awareness and ultimately grow our community of donors. The objective is to spread our message and encourage our community of supporters to make donations to NPAWS by using any appropriate digital marketing outlets (website, blog, newsletter, etc.) and/or social media channels and other innovative channels to promote active fundraising campaigns, encouraging public support.



  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Outgoing, enthusiastic and creative thinker

  • Ability to build strong relationships with new people, businesses, and organizations

  • Ability to use online tools to engage members, donors, and corporate partners

  • Detail-oriented with excellent time management skills

  • Works well independently and proactively as part of a team.

  • Nonprofit fundraising and/or event planning experience

  • Clear understanding of the unique needs of nonprofit organizations

  • Micro influencer with fundraising portfolio and large social media network is an asset

Duties & Responsibilities

Develop a fundraising action plan* Follow up on potential donor leads

Work with NPAWS Team to identify prospects and solicit major and corporate donors

Help increase communications with supporters and current donors

Identify and suggest fundraising opportunities

Identify, Contribute creative ideas for new fundraising opportunities

Identify potential business partners as sponsors


The Pet Positive Movement is a positive proactive revolution to save America's pets' tails, toes, ears, and more from non-therapeutic invasive procedures.

Too often, tail docking, declawing, ear cropping, and more go unnoticed. They are simply part of "what is". NPAWS and, hopefully, you will end that. The first phase of the movement involves recognizing, applauding, and certifying America's veterinarians who do not perform non-therapeutic invasive pet procedures. We will share their choice with the public on our website and in other ways to enable like-minded clients to easily find them.

Volunteers like you will help NPAWS to end normalized pet cruelty by saving tails, ears, claws, and more from non-therapeutic invasive procedures. At the same time, it will help you gain valuable skills in a vital role plus you can earn volunteer experience you can put towards a future career or education. It's a win-win for you and NPAWS.

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